Fishing & Fatherhood

With our clients and within our walls, he’s the north star for all things on the water. But under his own roof, Brother’s Senior Vice President Jeff Tolle is the father and coach of 2018 FLW High School World Champion, Jeremy Tolle.

Late on Day 3 of the FLW High School National and World Finals, the team uncovered a magical TVA ledge on Alabama’s Pickwick Lake, lending the bites necessary to vault them into the top 31 of 384 teams and qualifying them for the following day’s FLW World Championship. Anxious but eager, the young anglers received a nod of confidence from Jeff as they finished tying baits before the final day of competition. Jeff recalls, “We’d gotten two big bites there at the end of the day. We knew most teams had worn their spots through the first two days of the tournament. I told Jeremy and Garrett that this could be the deal. What they needed to win was there.”

Shortly after noon on June 30th, the Kiefer High School Juniors Jeremy and Garrett shared the front deck of Jeff’s boat under high skies and nagging heat. The half acre of water in front of them had already cemented itself into the lore of their young fishing careers. With an estimated 23 pounds and change in the livewell, the reality started to sink in.

After decades of early mornings, miles on the road, and the occasional hookset, Jeff conceded a new crowning moment to a lifetime in the fishing industry; witnessing his son realize a lifelong dream and becoming a world champion.

I’m sitting here staring at this towering 7-foot tall trophy and still can’t believe it. I’ve fished competitively for 30-years and have worked in the fishing industry for 25-years and this is a highlight moment.

Competitive angling, in its essence, is a game of weight. Weight in the ounces that separate world champions and over 700 other anglers, and its weight of importance in binding father and son.

Congratulations to Jeff, Jeremy, Garrett and the Keifer High School Fishing Team. Jeff’s passion has led the charge at BroCo and laid the groundwork for a world champion. We couldn’t be more proud.