Mustad Names Brothers AOR

After nearly 150 years manufacturing fishing equipment for sport, commercial, industrial and traditional fishing applications, Mustad serves as a pillar of the angling industry. It comes with great pride and humble appreciation that Brothers & Company announces its new role as Mustad’s Agency of Record.

Having worked with the Brothers & Company team in the past, I knew that their devotion to their partners, their quality of work and service, and their unbeatable knowledge and passion in the space made them the right choice. -Jordan Davis, Mustad President of the Americas

Angling, both competitive and recreational, is stitched deeply into the lives of the talented individuals within our walls. A marriage of our expertise in strategy and creative development with this innate passion for the space sets an eager stage to help grow the Mustad brand in a highly competitive market.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to work with Mustad. It is a privilege to represent such a great brand that has some of the finest products in its category,” said Brothers & Company Senior Vice President Jeff Tolle. “Mustad is one of the oldest and most respected names in fishing, and Brothers & Company will extend every effort to support Mustad’s brand strategy and lead boldly in the fishing industry.”